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This documents exists of three parts: a legal notice, a privacy policy and a part about cookies.



CODON: CODON Study Association of Biotechnology, established at Wageningen University and Research,

MyDNA: the CODON member portal hosted on

The end-user: a member of CODON or a potential member who uses MyDNA.

The board: the board of the CODON Study Association of Biotechnology, which consists of 5 members.

The WebCSSi: the website commission of CODON which is responsible for all online services of CODON Study Association of Biotechnology.

Legal notice

CODON ensures that all your data is stored safely on our servers. We try our best to protect your personal (privacy-sensitive) data. Therefore, sensitve data is stored encrypted in our database. This means that sensitive data such as bank account numbers and your Wageningen University registration number are stored encrypted and salted. This means your data is not readible by any others than them who have the right encryption keys to decrypt the data. Only members of the CODON board and the WebCSSi (the website commission of CODON) have access to these keys and are able to decrypt your personal data.


Your MyDNA password is also encrypted and salted infinity times. This means that nobody can ever decrypt it. This is why, when you lost your password, you always have to create a new one. The system is not able to recover it. CODON will never ask you to send your login password by mail or in any other way, except to authenticate yourself. Authentication always takes places on the MyDNA subdomain of CODON, which is If the address where your password is asked is not, then it is not a original webpage op CODON MyDNA. CODON cannot and will not take responsibility for any damage when not authenticating on


CODON always uses SSL-connections for all purposes. This means the URL in your browser bar always starts with https:// ( and You should always see a lock-icon in your browser bar when visiting CODON websites. SSL ensures that no one can intervene the connection between your device and the CODON servers. Our servers are digitally verified by Let's Encrypt (certificate "Let's Encrypt Authority X3" or "DST Root CA X3). CODON will never use non-SSL webpages.


CODON meets all the requirements of and compies to the official PCI Accompliance. This is a set of rules to which a organization or company has to comply with in order to make sure end-user data is stored securely. A document about this compliance can be requested at the WebCSSi.


While CODON tries at best to secure your data and prevent the unauthorized access to it, it still can occur that data can be stolen by third parties. In case of data leakage, CODON is obliged to inform anyone from whom data is stored digitally within 24 hours. When such situations occur, you will be informed by the CODON board by e-mail.



When found bugs, we politely ask you to inform the WebCSSi.



Privacy Policy

CODON has two types of collected data: your personal information and the information collected using analytics programs.


Personal information

CODON will never sell or provide your personal information to any third parties. Your personal information is only retrievable by yourself using MyDNA and by the CODON board. Some data is only provided to Wageningen University & Research and the WURshop. Providing these data is required to give you discount in the WURshop and to give you study credits in case of excursions.*


You can request a  document on which data is used in what cases at the WebCSSi. The WebCSSi will send you a copy.


* The CODON server is hosted at a webhosting company. Information about this company is available at the WebCSSi. While the webhosting company has the physical hold and is the physical owner of the server (and thus the database where your personal information is stored), they will never be able and are never allowed by law to read this personal information.

Anaytical Data

The analytical data collected by CODON will only be used to improve the website-experience of end-users. These data is only retrievable by members of the WebCSSi and the CODON board. These data contains information such as your timezone and an unique fingerprint of your device. This is used to identify our visitors as unique visitors. We will never provide these data to any third parties.


You can request a  document on which data is used in what cases at the WebCSSi. The WebCSSi will send you a copy.




The main CODON website ( and CODON MyDNA ( use cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser or taking a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers.

The two CODON websites have different functionalities and thus different uses for cookies. For both CODON websites, the cookies we place are explained below.


CODON website

  1. Analytical: CODON uses two cookies for analytical purposes. These cookies contain unique identification numbers which accord to an identification number in our database which contains information about your timezone, screen resolution and a part of your IP-address. These cookies are used to identify you as an unique visitor.
  2. Cookie-bar: When the CODON website is visited for the first time, a cookie bar is shown. When you click the button to agree with cookies, a cookie is placed to remember your cookie preferences.


  1. User authentication and authorization: when the end-user is logged in to MyDNA with its user-account, a cookie is created to remember the user-ID. This cookie is used by MyDNA to find user-information linked to the user account in the database.

Analytics cookies are placed by Prolatio